Get right entity at one click with Google knowledge graph

Every words have different meanings in different  parts of the world. So there is no guarantee in getting right results you need using search engines. But you can get right entity at one click with Google knowledge graph, vast database of Google that knows every words in the world.Get right entity at one click with Google knowledge graph

Knowledge graph is a collective database that contains 500 million objects and 3.5 billion facts connecting to them. Google derived this information’s from most genuine sources across the net.

So when we search for a particular query Google can understand exactly what we means. It provides the detailed results with navigation to another right place where we get correct data. Google provide only linked results before this functionality but with knowledge graph it can understand any keyword and it gives out right data.

When a users search for a particular query that have different meaning now Google can understand what all the things that word means and the result contains all structured details. That is all possible results one by one and each of that data contains all possible information.

Knowledge graph also allow to user to understand different meaning of their query and all possible links to different places. Google is an ideal search engine that can understand exactly what you mean and gives out exactly what you want.