Get rid of ads with chrome extension

In the world of network it’s common to see ads when we browse through the web pages. But in many situations it becomes irritating to see unwanted ads. So get rid of ads with chrome extension.

Get rid of ads with chrome extensionMany extensions are available in the chrome store to avoid presence of ads when you browse. You can choose that best you prefer and add to chrome and avoid all ads that clutter in front of you while using internet.

Though there are many uses and advantages for ads appearing in internet it’s the personal interest which matters. If a person don’t want to see anything else other than what he choose to see then presence of the ads is a matter of personal privacy.

Google Chrome extensions gives the complete solutions to get rid of ads if you are not interested in seeing it on the screen. There are only few percentage of people who make use of this extensions in their browser. The main reason for the limited interest of people to block ads is Google. Google place the ads on your screen while using its services by analyzing your browsing style and manners.

Google always take care to give ads of the user’s interest. Though they place apt ads on your screen it also provide means to have an ad free browsing experience.

How to get Chrome extension to block ads?

  • Go to chrome store.
  • Then type Ad Block in the search box on the right side of the web page
  • You will get all possible extensions that can be used to block the ads
  • You can choose the one you want from the available choices
  • The most used and preferred one among them is AdBlock
  • Select that particular option and click the option Add to chrome
  • Now that particular extension will be added to your chrome browser

Now the task of removing ads while using internet is completed. With the chrome extensions available you can now make your browsing more personal.