Get result before you typing with Google instant

The best ever search engine know for you is none other than Google. You always get right results with Google search. You can also get result before you typing with Google instant.
Get result before you typing with Google instant

Google instant is a specific enhancement that shows the results while typing the search queries. This will helps the users to get the result fast and can save the valuable time. The results deliver right content at first. The basic idea behind Google instant is users can scan the results as much faster than they typing.

With Google instant the search engine can predict what the rest of our search queries are. It also shows up some relevant queries. Definitely this new feature will made the web experience more reliable and also save time we spend.

  1. With Google instant you can save up to 5 second per search.
  2. Google instant saves 3.5 seconds a day with searches.
  3. Smarter predictions will help you to make phrases much faster.
  4. Google instant won’t make more load to your internet connection.

Google instant do not interrupt you from typing your full query. It is just show up related queries transparently to make the search result much faster. Users can also turn of the Google instant if they not like it. Google instant search is also available in Google search applications for android and iOS.