Get new Facebook news feed with chrome extension

Facebook officially unveils its redesigned news feed in the month of March, 2013. The content focused look of new news feed catches the attention of users easily. Facebook only roll out this feature slowly. Can’t get wait? Get new Facebook news feed with chrome extension.

new newsfeed chrome extensionThe browser extensions are something that improves the performance and functionality of browser in better way. It became at its best when coming to in the case of Google chrome. The chrome store enriches with lots of innovative extensions for Google chrome. New Facebook News Feed extension allows you to gets switch in to redesigned look of your FB account through chrome browser.

The New Facebook Newsfeed chrome extension is an unofficial recreation for to gets update with the new look of social networking giant. It is a fact that Facebook will only rolling out the redesigned news feed to worldwide slowly. It is just because of Facebook want to gets update with the feedback of users about their new innovation.

The new chrome extension allows you to gets the new news feed from Facebook with a single installation. The only thing you have to do is addition of this extension from chrome web store. Once you add this extension to your chrome browser it ask you for the confirmation to switch for new look of Facebook. After you confirm it you can experience the content based new feed from social networking giant Facebook.

What is new in redesigned newsfeed?

  • The news feed is the most focusing feature of Facebook. With the new news feed Facebook meant to focused for multimedia contents. It is just because of multimedia contents are more impressive than normal text contents.
  • The updations became attractive and stunning with new newsfeed from FB. You can easily touch with messages, photos, videos and friends request with redesigned new feed.
  • The new news feed is available for mobiles, tablets and for web.
  •  The new news feed provides options like all friends, photos, music and following. Each category allows us to gets the latest posts it at right moment.
  • It saves time and helps to gets the right things at the right time we wished for.