Get immersive audio guided tour of Marseilles city with Google night walk

The Google Maps street always help you to explore various part of the world. The 360 degree panoramic photos let you to get with all point of interest of a particular place. Today Google unveils an immersive audio guided tour of Marseilles city powered by it’s mapping service.

Get immersive audio guided tour of Marseilles city with Google night walk

Google’s new project on it’s mapping service is known as Google night walk. An audio guided tour through Marseilles city of France at beautiful evening. The narrators Julie and Christophe led you across this city by pointing out all places you need to see. The narrator explain you the history and important stories of Marseilles city you need to know.

While you going through street of Marseilles using Google night wal you can look around in any direction,  can zoom to any corner to watch them closely. When you reach at important points of city the narrator will explain about it. You can also see a mini map at bottom left corner of the screen, shows where you are at and important routes through the city.


The different hotspots like YouTube clips, wikipedia extracts and photo galleries help you to know about the city more deeply. The service also added ambient sound of city, will feel just like you are at Marseilles.

Google night walk help you to explore Marseilles at right time, at same time can understand about the history behind it. Google will add more cities to this service in near future.

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