Get hot searches in US with Google trends

What is trending in the world? Who is in the lime light now? What news are catching the world attention?  Answers for these queries is up to you with Google trends. Today an updated version of it got released with the options for viewing top charts with popular searches arranged in a systematic manner with top monthly results categorized and visualization for hot searches on your screen.Google trends

Top Charts

It seems very interesting to know what the world is looking for. With this updated Google top chart we can filter out according to the category the trending searches. There is option to choose the category in which you want to see the top most searches.

We can get the top most monthly search results from 2004 with this. It’s in US this is primarily implemented. We can hope to get it for other countries soon. There is about 40+ categories to choose.

By selecting the top chart option we can get the result of five top most trending hot searches order wise. We can see the link for the news with image according to the result above it. Arrow in the left side of the trend graph shows whether the popularity is growing or shrinking. Upward arrow shows the increase in search and downward arrow shows the decrease in search.Google trends chart

Advantage of visualization of hot search

With the inclusion of visualization of hot search option Google is providing a better way to go behind the trending news, places, people and whatever they like. By clicking on this option a new page will be opened where you can find the hot searches occurring around. To get the news of it just click on it and you will be directed towards the search result.

With the visualization of hot search the results of the top most searches by people will be available to you and you can follow it if you are interested. The choice for viewing one news at a time and more makes it more interactive and user friendly. About 25 real time searches can be seen at a time in bold colors which can be filtered out regionally.visualize the hot searches in US with Google Trends

Explore the search using ‘Explore’

With option explore there is the chance for getting the trending keywords and their popularity in the searches all around the world. You can search for the keyword and get the result in form of graph and the search pattern for that all around the world.

There is a lot of advantage for Google trends. It is helpful in many ways for the common man as well as organizations. The changing trends and popular news can be easily filtered out with this. So you can manage yourself to suit the world by analyzing the interest of people around you. search within Google trends

This Google product make you to get updated on latest happenings and searches all around the world. Now the availability of monthly update is only for US. If it becomes available for other countries we expect a new change over in analyzing the changing world.