Get fresh contents for search term within inbox with Google alerts

In case of searching you never search for another service as Google is here for bringing you valuable results with one click. Google not only provide the most suitable results but also keep the freshness with relevant services. That is you can get fresh contents for search term within inbox with Google alerts.

Google alerts service

What is Google alerts?

Everytime the entire web is updated with fresh new datas, through blogs, news paper articles and through different webpages. Sometimes you don’t get enough time to make repetitive search to get fresh new contents for your search term. Google alerts is the best solution for getting fresh new contents for your search term right within your inbox.

google stories

The only thing you have to do is just provide the search term and mail ID, Google will alert you when new relevant contents comes in web that suit with your search term. This service becomes very helpful to follow real time updation about product or company also can keep with developing news story in web.

How to make a Google Alerts?

  • Go to Google Alerts homepage.
  • Enter your search query within right box.
  • Choose how often you want to receive alerts.

Google alert sign in page


  • Choose ho many results you want to read.
  • Enter your mail ID where you want to deliver the stories.
  • Click on the confirmation link that appears within your inbox.

In case of you have signed in you don’t have to verify Google alert through email. Google will alert you when it get new stories that linked with your search phrase.

How to control Google Alerts?

  • Goto manage section within Google alerts homepage.
  • Make relevant changes.
  • Can choose for specific sources, delivering time and number of results.
  • Save the changes.

You can also get results as RSS feeds, can choose this option from the sign in page of Google alerts. You will also get a cancellation link for Google alert with each mail you received from Google.

Top image credit : Apple