Get all message notifications at one place with Blackberry hub

Blackberry the re-branded version of RIM officially unveiled Blackberry 10 OS and Blackberry Z10, Q10 handsets on January 30th. Upon Blackberry 10 OS Blackberry hub stands as innovative feature. You can get all message notifications at one place with Blackberry hub.

Get all message notifications at one place with Blackberry hub

In new BlackBerry Smartphones you will not often see the separate email inbox icons in any user’s home screen. All the message notifications are accessible with a single gesture. It is made possible by the most incredible feature of BlackBerry 10 OS, as mentioned earlier it is the BlackBerry Hub service , can see SMS, MMS, BBM messages and social messages within unique inbox.

You are all see separate notifications from each account in other model of Smartphones and there will be a drop down option to see the notifications. Here the Hub feature had removed the burden of drop down and clicking the notification to access them as it is little bit time consuming. Here the need is only to swipe the Hub icon and you are on the business. You can also access separate labels of messages with one click within blackberry hub.

Some people like to have all notifications in one frame and some in separate. In BlackBerry 10 OS you need not to care about which scheme you opt, the new BlackBerry Hub replaced the long standing Universal Inbox. The only thing that user has to do is to add the accounts to the Hub and you can access them easily and quickly.

Blackberry hub allows you to experience a single framework to access all your messages such as from SMS, BBM, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, phone messages, voicemail, Emergency Alerts etc…. So after analyzing these all fact we can surely say that BlackBerry Hub is the heart or center of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

You can access the messages irrespective of whether you are in the home screen or using a third party app, you can access the Hub easily with a simple gesture and thus the messages. So it means that there is no need to leave an app while using to access the Hub. Just swipe the Hub, peak what you want to see then respond to the message if you want or just swiping away the Hub for the time being. So all these shows that the new BlackBerry OS is released with a promise of improved, enhanced and a fresher user interface. You can also see the upcoming events by just moving a single step further.