24th Anniversary of German Reunification Day marked with Google Doodle

German Reunification Day is celebrated in Germany every year on 3rd October. Google Doodle landed on Germany on 2014 October 3rd marks Tag der Deutschen Einheit with a little animation.

German Reunification Day 2014 Google Doodle
German Reunification Day 2014 Google Doodle (October 3, 2014)

In the doodle for Tag der Deutschen Einheit, you could see Google logo in German flag joining from two sides. After uniting the logo alphabets which is first split in two, smiley face is drawn. Marking 24th Anniversary with this doodle , Doodler Jens Bonnke says about the Google Doodle in official doodle page.

Anniversary Day of unification of East and West Germany is a holiday over every part of Germany. With a simple click on Google Doodle, can get search page for Tag der Deutschen Einheit with all news and contents listed in front of you.

Before choosing 3rd October many alternative days were in consideration for the annual celebration. One was the 9th November, marking the fall of Berlin Wall also there were suggestions from official to celebrate it on Sunday for peoples convenience. After the discussions and debates, 3rd October was taken as an holiday to commemorate the Day of Unity in Germany. Treaty of Germany Reunification was signed in early August of 1990 due to the political pressure prevailed in both countries.

Programs of the day includes speeches, public gatherings, concerts and fireworks. Two important symbols that are displayed on the day is Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate,  these points to the incidents on 1990, which lead to the reunification of Germany.

National Flag of Germany is seen on every public buildings and in hands of people in streets. Flag is the symbol of freedom in Germany. For some people ,today also there is some inconvenience in pointing nation a Germany other than East and West Germany;but Young Germans see themselves as a single nation and celebrate the day.

Happy Reunification Day Germany.