German Reunification Day 2003 Google Doodle

Reunification Day of Germany is on October 3. This day spread the message of unity of Germany all across the world. October 3rd is a public holiday in Germany.

German Reunification Day 2003 Google Doodle
German Reunification Day 2003(October 3, 2003)

German Reunification Day 2003 Google Doodle y was included with a map of Germany in the second of Google logo ‘o’.   This shows how much important and special is the day in the history of Germany.German Reunification Day was a dream comes true for Germans. They dreamed about a day when the unification of Germany before the starting of 19th century. It was on 1990 their dream became reality and united Germany got birth. 

Germany is a country with 16states situated in western central Europe. Germany is a country which has contributed a large number of artists, scientist and poets to the world. Martin Behamin was the first man who made globe is from Germany. Semi Joseph Begun, Karl Benz, Karl Ferdinand Braun, Rudolf diesel, Felix Hoffman, Heinrich Hertz are some among the greatest scientists from Germany.

Apart from scientist there are many poets and artists who changed the outlook of the world from Germany. Ludwig Van Beethoven was the German who have magic with his piano. Beethoven’s compositions are world famous. Orff, Richard Strauss, Mahler are some other who had proved their talents is the world of music.  Germany has also got many historically important places.

Germany is the country which donated Albert Einstein, the extra ordinary brain with extra ordinary talent to the world. The Einstein invention of formulae E=mc2 had a great effect in the scientific world. Science and technology arrived in to a new era after this invention.  The Gothic Cathedral, Berlin: the largest city of Germany, Heidelberg, and Dresden are some of the places to visit in Germany.

German Reunification Day Celebrations
German Reunification Day Celebrations
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Since the German Reunification they used to celebrate the day with great respect and honor. There were many issues related to the selection of day for celebration. One alternative day for the celebration was on November 9th. It was on this day Berlin wall fall down and the proclamation of German republic took place. It was German Democratic Republic Congress choose this date for the memorization of reunification of Germany.

German Reunification Day is celebrated in Germany with special parades, musical concerts, communal meals, parties and speeches by political leaders. Every year the range of celebrations increase its spark and glitter by varieties of programs. Fireworks are common in the streets of Germany in the evening of this day.

We can see German flag on the houses and buildings of Germany on this day. It’s their respect for nation by keeping flag. German people give great respect for their nation and those who fought for nation. On this day remember those comrades who fought for the country in the past battles and sacrificed the life .There many special ceremonies in worship places to pray for their soul. It’s a great day for German people. German most commonly celebrate this day with family and friends.

Google also took part in their celebration in the year 2003 by publishing this doodle in its home page on the anniversary of unification of Germany.