Gerard Oury’s 95th Birthday marked by Google Doodle


Google Doodle landed on France on 29 April this year marks Gerard Oury’s birthday. Oury was a legend in French film industry.

Gerard Oury's 95th Birthday marked by Google Doodle
Gerard Oury’s 95th Birthday marked by Google Doodle(April 29, 2014)

Oury would have been 95 if he was alive today. Google Doodle for this french film star s designed depicting image from his famous comedy movie La Grande Vadroullie.

Google Doodle is designed in white background with Google logo written in blur color. Oury’s famous work  is included replacing alphabet ‘l’ as seen in poster of the movie. Mike Dutton , Doodler have described in the official Google doodle page, It is to convey Oury’s sense of humor in single moment they used image from this movie. Trailer of the movie is also included in the page.

La Grade Vadroullie is released in the year 1966. Movie is all about two Frenchmen helping Airforce. Oury have decorated the tittle of an actor, director and also writer in French cinema’s.

Oury was born in the year 1919 in Paris, France. Oury was a successful film maker of his time. Most of his successful works were out between  1940’s and 1960’s. The movie depicted in Google Doodle is infact the most successful movie by Oury. La Grade Vadroullie had 17.27 admissions. This was top collected film for decades. Record collection of this movie released in 1966 was broke after three decades, when Titanic by James Cameron was released.

Apart from this movie, Oury have directed and acted in many commercial successful films. Its Oury’s success as a film director makes Oury the part of Google Doodle on his 95th Birthday. Oury died in the year 2006 on July 20.