General status of Windows 8

When the metro based Windows 8 got released from Microsoft the very first thing done by the users is made comparison with previous versions to get general status. Here the General status of Windows 8. It is meant for the average system crashes, the graph of OS usage, list of crashing application on it…Etc.General status of Windows 8

The release of Windows 8 made a great impact on users as the OS came with new metro based design. After three weeks from the official release Windows 8 holds 3.12 % of market. The dominant Windows 7 remains in the primary position with 69.7% of total share and with 18.7 % Windows XP follows Windows7. It is a known fact that now in each quarter the tablet market shows a rapid growth. But when we coming into case of Windows OS the major part are holds by desktop and laptop computers.

Upon this the desktops becomes still the dominant zone. As coming into the case of Windows 8 the 50.7% of OS is used by desktop versions. The laptop computers hold 44.5%. Tablet computers are used the OS at low market percentage of 4.6. There is no difference as we take a look on previous version from Microsoft the Windows 7. The desktop and laptop computers show dominance with 48.5 and 49.9 percentage market respectively. There is only 1.6 percentage of tablets are used for Windows 7.

One of the main features of next generation OS windows 8 is that advanced security system. Microsoft adds many new features for offering the secured PC experience. The secured boot system in Windows 8 allows us to keep away from low level exploits and root kits. The secured boot system on Windows 8 is offered by Unified Extensible Firmware Interface which is actually replaces BIOS.

The inbuilt security application Windows defender keeps away the security attacks. It does not allow the installation of third party application within your system. These security systems on Windows 8 allow a most secured PC experience. According to the reports the average system crashes gets reduced with Windows 8. It is only 3.1 per month are accounted by the analysts on average user. The previous version- Windows 7 reports 7.1 average crashes on user per month.

The Blue Screen of Death is a security terms which describes hardware or driver related error that stops the working of Windows. The Windows 8 operating system also able to reduce the BSOD than previous version with the account of only 0.28 per month on an average user. It is 0.33 per month for Windows 7.

The advanced security systems on Windows 8 also reduce the non- responsive nature of applications into 1.7/ month per user. On Windows 7 enabled systems it is count for 10.7/month per user.

The percentages of chance for the crash of applications are also gets down with Windows 8. Windows Explorer, Facebook apps, iTunes are the main applications that are listed on common crashing applications on Windows 8. But the chance for crashing is very low. Many popular manufactures like Samsung HP and DELL keenly focused on Windows 8. The ever fast performance and advanced security features will made this operating system top at the market within short time.