Google Doodles

Google make changes to their logo on certain occasions like national days, festivals, birthdays of eminent personalities. Animated, non-animated and interactive doodles are used by Google to announce the world the message of the day. It’s from 1998 they started creating changes to logo.

Chile Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle including Chile stamp

On Chile Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle landed on Chile was especially to share the sweetness of the day.The day of independence is a day of joy for all nations.   Chile Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle included the stamp of Country and the seal representing the date and year of release. The war for  independence of Chile was a part of Spanish …

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Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky Doodle on his 155th Birthday

Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky was a scientist and one among the founding fathers of astronautics and rocketry. He was born on September 17th ,1857. His findings have got a great role in the technical growth of today’s rocketry and astronautics.   Konstantin Eduvardovich Tsiolkovsky doodle for his 155th birthday  appeared on Google homepage on 17th Sep 2012.Google Doodle included the picture of Tsiolkosky, …

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Google’s New Year 2011 doodle to celebrate New Year

How can Google forget to share the happiness and fun of this day? Hey, it’s the New year day ,the day to celebrate. Google came up with this New Year 2011 doodle  which reflects the joy ,peace and love which everyone wish to have on this day. We can see many specialties in Google New Year 2011 doodle. One main thing …

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St Nicolas Eve 2010 Google Doodle on December 5th

St Nicolas was Bishop of Myra and remains the Patron Saint of sailors, fishermen, the falsely accused, pawnbrokers, thieves and a number of cities.  On the  St Nicolas Eve 2010 released this doodle. St Nicolas  is so special in many parts of the Christianised world. On the eve of the festivities St Nicholas appears in his Santa Claus persona to distribute gifts. A …

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Thailand National Day 2010 celebrated with Google doodle

Thailand National Day 2010 Google doodle released on December 5, 2010. Thai people Commemorates the birthday of King Bhumibol Adulyadej as national day. Thai people celebrate this day not only as National Day but also as Fathers Day. National Day is generally celebrated as a date of Independence or of becoming a republic. The date signifies the date for a patron …

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