Google Doodles

Google make changes to their logo on certain occasions like national days, festivals, birthdays of eminent personalities. Animated, non-animated and interactive doodles are used by Google to announce the world the message of the day. It’s from 1998 they started creating changes to logo.

Taiwan Father’s Day 2014 Google Doodle

Taiwan Father's Day 2014 Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Taiwan honors Fatherhood and paternal bonds. August 8 every year is celebrated as Father’s Day in Taiwan.   Google Doodle for the day in Taiwan sketches the image of father and kids playing together. Logo of search giant is included in the doodle. Clicking in Father’s Day Doodle on Taiwan homepage, you will be taken to …

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Architect Anna Castelli Ferrieri Birthday Google Doodle

Anna Castelli Ferrieri Birthday Google Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Italy celebrates 94th Birthday of Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Castelli is a famous Italian Architect and industrial designer.   Google Doodle for Anna Castelli Ferrieri portraits her with some of her designs. Usage of plastic is the highlight of Castelli’s works. In Google Doodle you can see Componibili and furniture products designed by her. Clicking on doodle, you will be …

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Designer Edith Head gets a Google Doodle

Edith Head gets a Google Doodle

Designer Edith Head gets a Google Doodle on 116th Birthday. Head is one of the most famous woman designer world ever have seen. Doodle was present in various countries on 28 October 2013. Google Doodle includes some of the iconic design made by Edith Head. Designer of the doodle Sophie Diao shared her experience on working in Edith Heads doodle …

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Google Doodle honors Farid Shawki on 94th Birthday

Google Doodle honors Farid Shawki

Google doodle marked the birthday of actor Farid Shawki on July 30th. Doodle was visible on homepage of various middle eastern countries. It is his 94th birthday marked by doodle. Google Doodle for Sahawki portraits him in six different characters on Google homepage. He was an Egyptian actor, he was part of 31 films ,also he was a film producer, …

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Ukrainian actress Maria Zankovetska gets a Google Doodle

Maria Zankovetska Google Doodle

Theater Actress from Ukraine, Maria Zankovetska honored with birthday doodle on Google Ukraine. It’s 160th Birthday of Zankovetska marked with this doodle on 4 August 2014. Google Doodle for Maria includes her image at the center. Background for Google Doodle is designed like stage with curtains also, Google logo is included in black font. Google Doodle takes you to search page …

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Kishore Kumar honored with Google Doodle on 85th Birthday

Kishore Kuman Google Doodle

Most successful playback singer Bollywood ever seen, Kishore Kumar gets a Google Doodle on Birthday. Classic doodle for king of Indian music  portraits Kishore Kumar replacing alphabet ‘l’. Google Doodle is landed on Google India homepage on 4th August 2014. On clicking Kishore Kumar Google Doodle, you can get search page for him. Apart from his portrait, doodle included four …

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Interactive Google Doodle Marks John Venn’s 180th Birthday

John Venn Google Doodle

Google is celebrating logician and Philosopher John Venn’s 180th Birthday with a animated interactive global doodle. Venn diagram, the contribution of John Venn became theme for today’s birthday doodle for him. Google Doodle for Venn seems to be one of best doodle from doodle team. Corrie Scalisi is the engineer behind this creative doodle that you could enjoy on 4th …

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Choreographer Birgit Cullberg honored with Google Doodle

Birgit Cullberg Google Doodle

Sunday’s Google homepage in Sweden marks birthday of famous choregrapher Birgit Cullberg. It’s 106th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle. Cullberg gave a new rise to Ballet. In Google Doodle for Birgit Cullberg, you can see her image in dance move at center. Black costume  with background of lighter black color and decorations in red and black makes up doodle. Google …

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Chilseok and Qixi Festival 2014 Google Doodle

Chilseok and Qixi Festival 2014 Google Doodle

Today Google gets ready with their lovers day doodle again. Qixi festival  is name for festival in China on 7th day of 7th month of Chinese calender. In Korea and Taiwan, celebration have the name Chilseok. Both Qixi festival and Chilseok are celebrated to commemorate the meeting of two lovers. There are many legends regarding celebration of Qixi Festival and Chilseok. …

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Sophie, Comtesse de Ségur gets a Google Doodle on 215th Birthday

Comtesse de Ségur Google Doodle

Google Doodle in France and Russia marks birthday of Russian born writer Sophie, Comtesse de Ségur. It’s her 215th marked by this Google Doodle on August 1, 2014.   Google Doodle that you can see is sketched out from one of her famous works. Les Malheurs de Sophie also known as Sophie’s Misfortunes  and Little Girls Moder are the best work from Sophie. …

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