Gangnam Style Video Broke All YouTube Records

South Korean musician PSY came with a different and unique dance style known by Gangnam Style on 15th of July 2012. After 6 months of official release Gangnam Style video broke all YouTube records.

Gangnam Style Video Broke All YouTube RecordsPark Jae Sang is the person behind the introduction of this new dance style which is accepted by worldwide audience. Horse like movement is one which made gangnam style more attractive one. Gangnam style is the first ever YouTube video to cross 1 billion views.

Gangnam Style Video Broke All YouTube Records

  • Gangnam style became the first ever YouTube video to reached 1 billion views.
  • Ganganm style is the most liked YouTube video.
  • Gangnam style is the most viewed K-pop video in YouTube.
  • First video to hold $8 million ad revenue from YouTube.

Gangnam Style dance movement became a signature and took PSY to the top of the world. Although Gangnam Style was the sixth album from PSY it was this album which gave PSY the fame and name in an unbelievable rate. Including Korean top song award and American musical award Gangnam Style video have grabbed many awards and honors with in this small time period.  Gangnam Style video was listed among the top played videos all around by this time.

According to the recent reports from Google Gangnam style video have been watched more than 7 million times in a single day. This is a record of all time. Many famous personalities including US president Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron recognized the popularity of Gangnam Style video and attempted the popular movement of the dance.

The song of Gangnam Style mainly include the theme of a perfect girlfriend. In the first day of Gangnam style release itself the song had a view of more than 500000. Viewers and critics have mixed opinions for the newly created dance style. Whatever may be the opinion the truth is that it created a blast in the world. It’s the different style and unique movements which brings smile on the face of common man became the success factor of the video. Gangnam Style is moving on by breaking all the records of musical world.