Gangnam Style became first ever You Tube video to hit 1 billion views

Gangnam Style became first ever You Tube video to hit 1 billion viewsThe South Korean company Samsung became the integral part of our daily life within a short time with innovative electronics products. Nowadays we are admired for a musician more than that of Samsung Company who is from the same country- Park Jae Sang. You are not going through a single day without watching Gangnam Style on You Tube. Now Gangnam Style became first ever You Tube video to hit 1 billion views.

The South Korean musician Park Jae Sang popularly known by his stage name PSY. Jae Sang works on all main sections of music.  PSY released the song Gangnam Style on 15th July 2012. The song released as a part of his sixth album PSY 6. Gangnam Style is a Korean term which mean for life style in Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea. PSY performed the musical show in many places and got positive responses from everywhere. Every viewer admired for PSY’s dance along with Gangnam Style music. Within two months after release Gangnam Style became the most liked video of You Tube.

Within short time PSY won many musical awards for Gangnam Style. PSY performed the Gangnam Style all over the world and won many appreciations. PSY’s Gangnam Style became top charted in European and American countries. It is also became a trendsetter in downloading. It became the top position in China’s search engine service Baidu.  “Oppa Gangnam Style” term added in Yale books of quotations. The term oppa is a Korean world which meant for older brother or male friend.

Other than the song PSY’s dance became globally famous in no time. He took lot of efforts to study the dance steps. PSY mainly focused for animal moves to perform completely different dance.

At the earlier stages PSY tries to learn the Kangaroo and Panda moves. Later he set on horse trot. He thinks that the body moves that happened while riding a horse will becomes a trend in dance. He trained day and night to follows the movements. Now it is becomes a sensation in dance.

When PSY uploaded the music video on You Tube it got 500000 views in the first day itself. In the first month the Gangnam Style music video got 1million views per day later it increased to 6 million per day. Now the Gangnam Style video became the first ever You Tube video that makes 1 billion views. No other video hit this milestone before in the internet history. The Medias entitled PSY as king of You Tube.


  • The most vowed Korean music video on You Tube.
  • Most liked video in internet history.
  • Most viewed You Tube video ever.
  • First ever You Tube video that hit 1 billion views.
  • Recognized by Guinness book of world records.
  • Best video at MTV Europe music awards.
  • ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’ entered to Yale books of quotations.
  • Best song at melon music awards South Korea.
  • Won American music awards