Samsung to Galaxy Smartwatch release very soon

Right innovations at right time which raises the trust within the tech companies. By continuing the Smartphone marketing momentum Samsung to make Galaxy Smartwatch release sh0rtly.

Galaxy Smartwatch release The executive president of Samsung Lee Young Hee is reported about Galaxy Smartwatch in an interview. Lee Young Hee added that Galaxy Smartwatch will turns to be right companion for the android Smartphones in nearby future.

Galaxy Smartwatch release

Active fortius is the name which is rumored for the Samsung Smartwatch which is expected to be the member of Samsung Project J series. There is no official confirmations and reports out till now about the new device from Samsung.

The real use of Galaxy Smartwatch is it cut down the time we spend for controlling the Smartphones, that is pairing of Galaxy Smartwatch with your handset helps to make communications much easiers. Galaxy Smartwatch can handle messages, calls, browsing and much more.

Active Fortius, the new expected device will hopefully having all the features like music player, sound recognition, messaging and email option. It will be a best device to take with you for your daily jogging, exercise and journey. You can enjoy music, chatting and other facilities with this smart watch if the rumors are right.

Active Fortius will be a device which makes your entertainments in the daily life easy. Smart wearable device has got many advantages from the commonly seen portable devices like smartphones and tablets. As these devices can be attached to the body part people can do their daily routine activities with taking much care to protect them.

Galaxy Smartwatch

Apart from search giant Google many other big brands are also getting ready for their new wearable computing devices. Apple is the next big brand which is working with a similar product what Samsung executive told about today. Apple iWatch, is also expected to be in market by the end of 2013 though there is no official declarations for the Apple executives.

As per the news from Samsung executive the product will be something new and innovative. Lee had not revealed much on features, specifications and price of the device. It seems that we have to wait some more time to know more on the device.