Samsung to provide Galaxy SIV with advanced LTE very soon

One of the reasons behind Samsung’s success is nothing but they never withstand on a single system and always try for new innovations. Galaxy SIV became the fastest selling Smartphone ever. Now they are all set to go for next level. It is confirmed that Samsung will provide Galaxy SIV with advanced LTE very soon.

Galaxy SIV with advanced LTEThe flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy SIV will be available within both 4G LTE and international 3G versions. For communication with excellent voice quality and making connection with lightning speed data access must have network like LTE. The Korean Electronics giant is looking up for next generation ultra-fast LTE advanced system for their flagship phone. It is confirmed by the head of Samsung mobiles, J.K Shin to Reuters.

Galaxy SIV with advanced LTE

LTE advanced is the innovative series of 4G network. It is said to be LTE-A network have download speed of 3Gbps and uploading speed of 1.5Gbps. 4G LTE advanced network is not much popular in mobile world because today it is only available within some regions of Russia only. Also the bit rates said to be in the case of downloading and uploading is not at all a reality when it comes to real life. But we can hope for an ever fast network that satisfies our need at its best.

To get advanced 4G LTE network the Smartphone must have such network supporting chips. Qualcomm, Nvidia, Broadcom and ST-Ericsson have such chips. Samsung Galaxy SIV LTE version runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. So there is no problem in the case of chip. But it is unclear that which all network providers will make availability of advanced LTE.

AT&T confirmed that they will begin rolling out of 4G LTE advanced in the second half of this year. Also the Verizon network has a plan to provide this network very soon. The popular networks like Sprint and T-Mobile not at all confirms their plan on providing the next generation superfast mobile network till now.  So within short time the Galaxy lovers can enjoy the ever fast mobile network with ultimate mobile experience.