Samsung show off how Galaxy SIV be a swaddle master through new ad

Samsung always had a keen focus on to promote their products through impressive ads. We already came across a row of videos about flagship Samsung Galaxy SIV. Now Samsung show off how Galaxy SIV can be a swaddle master through new ad.

Galaxy SIV be a swaddle master We know Samsung Galaxy SIV entitled as the life companion. The Korean electronics giant not at all fixes that name for to catch attention. The flagship phone really deserves that title. Through different ads Samsung show as how the Galaxy SIV can be a real life companion. Today Samsung release their new Galaxy SIV ad – The swaddle master.

Through this new ad Samsung tries to show that how S voice, air gesture and Smart pause turn to advanced tools for your daily life. The swaddle master video ad how these features of Samsung Galaxy SIV became a blessing for a dad who tried to wrap his son in cloths when the mother is at outdoors.

The video begins with the attempt of a tensed father who tried to wrap up his son in cloths. At the time of he became confused to do that a call appeared on his Galaxy SIV. With air gesture feature he simply took the call and repeated his attempt. The person who made that call is his wife. He replied her that there is no problem with swaddling as he is on really confused state.The swaddle master ad

After the end of that call with using the S voice he commands the Galaxy SIV to search in YouTube for swaddling tips. The phone brings right video for him. At the time of he looking at the screen the video plays and when he is on using that tip the video goes to still mode. The smart pause feature really helps him at that time. With perfect guidelines from the phone he made the swaddling at its best. This is one out of thousands situations in which Galaxy SIV turns as a life companion.