Samsung galaxy SIII

Samsung had laid their remarkable position in the mobile world by the releasing of Samsung galaxy S smartphone. Samsung unveils this series with extraordinary and full of exciting features. Samsung galaxy SIII shows unmatchable performance and it remains top at the mobile world today.

The main feature of Galaxy SIII is 4.8-inch display which covered whole front space of the phone leaving some space for call button and sensors. It is very comfortable and perfectly fit to hand and very flexible to operate.

The company made the phone thin than previous ventures for the easiness for the usage. Galaxy SIII’s functional and well build. The phone is not at all bright as HTC one X. Samsung reduce the size of home button for made to everything to fit in a small screen. The whole phone body is made of plastic. It is one the most light weight smartphone it weighed only 133grams. It is powered up with 2100 mAh battery. It is featured with micro-SD card slot. USB port is at the bottom phase of the phone which is also used for charging and data transfer.

Galaxy S III is coming up with super AMOLED 4.8 inch HD display. But it does not have a crystal clear display as that of HTC one X. Performance of camera on this smartphone is pretty outstanding. Images are very sharp and clear. Users can get high resolution photos are very neatly.the 8 megapixel camera on the back can made a perfect image sense to it’s user.

The company made burst mode in camera so users can capture 20 shots in one go. It is also featured up with HD mode which makes multi shots at various exposure values. These photos can be added to make one single perfect image. Galaxy S III also featured with 1.9 MP front camera with which users can made perfect video calls over telecom network. Video recording also very smart in Galaxy S III. It is only became bit worse in low light condition.

Galaxy S III runs on android 4.0.4.the company had made many software customization and added more and more features. It does not added android buttons that was seen in android ICS. Apart from home button Galaxy S III featured with a number of speed toogles like Wi-Fi, GPS, screen rotation,notifications…etc.the most featured make off in S III is pop up play. Users can play the video anywhere in the screen while we are doing some task at same time.

S-beam is the another feature on this phone. Samsung had combined NFC and Wi-Fi to S-beam so as we can not only share small data at same time we can send big amount of data in short apple’s Siri Galaxy S III is featured with S-voice which will works with commands. Samsung galaxy S III is powered with 1.4 GHz quad processor.

S III functioned very smartly without having any quality and network reception are done well in the phone.It costs almost $680.