Smartwatch 2 rival Galaxy gear will announce on September 4th

Without having using a compete advertisement Samsung beat Apple in starting line of Smartwatch. Samsung officially announced that they will introduce the first Smartwatch from the Company on September 4. Galaxy gear Smartwatch also becomes a rival to Sony Smartwatch 2.Galaxy gear

It is Lee Young Hee the executive vice president of Samsung Mobile business made the official announcement of  Galaxy gear Smartwatch. Samsung will host a technical event on September 4th, before the starting of IFA 2013. They will introduce Galaxy Note III and new Smartwatch on that event. The announcement of Samsung Smartwatch also indicated the chance of wearable computing devices in coming future.

What can we expect from Samsung Galaxy gear Smartwatch 

With the development of  Samsung Smartwatch focused to enhance the mobile for Galaxy devices. That is Smartwatch is a electrocnics device that provides the mobile experience of innovative Smartphones through the linking.  The Galaxy Smartwatch will works with popular Galaxy series Smartphones and Note phablets.

Upon the specification side Galaxy Smartwatch will have 2.56 inch OLED touchscreen display with resolutions 320*320px. Still we have to wait for the arrival of flexible display devices from Samsung. The efficient processing of Galaxy gear promises the 1.5GHz dual-core exynos processor, also supported by 1GB RAM. Upcoming Galaxy Smartwatch will available in 6GB and 8GB modelpatent drawing of galaxy gear watch

How Galaxy gear becomes a worthy rival to Sony Smartwatch 2

Samsung uses a curvy glass design for it’s upcoming Smartwatch, which is same for the rumored iWatch. The glass design of Samsung Smartwatch much promising one. Galaxy Smartwatch also uses water resistant screen for better outdoor usage. Galaxy watch runs on android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, provides the richness of Google services.

The first ever Samsung Smartwatch also powers through company’s own services like S voice and S health. Of course these intelligent personal assistant Samsung services helps the Galaxy Smartwatch users to access the relevant informations much faster.

As the speakers of Galaxy watch brilliantly placed within the strap of the device it won’t make any guilty look. The 4 megapixel camera within the Galaxy gear surely becomes a new camera trend in wearable computing devices. The detailed specifications and price tag of Galaxy Smartwatch will announce on September 4 Samsung event.