Gae Aulenti’s 86th Birthday celebrated with Google Doodle

On 86th Birthday of Italian architect Gae Aulenti Google presented a doodle on homepage in Italy. It’s on 4th December 2013, the doodle was seen on Italy.

gae aulenti google doodle
Gae Aulenti google doodle(December 4, 2013)

Gae Aulenti was famous for her skills in designing large scale museum projects and interior designing. Apart from designing Gae also showed interest in lighting and interior designing which is unique and classic. Google  Doodle for Gae is designed in an apt style replacing color of original Google logo, presenting them in a dark background with white color alphabet in the glow of table lamb. You can see the lighted lamb replacing alphabet ‘l’ in the logo.

Born on 4 December 1927, Gae got good education and became an arechitect as she wished. Gae studied in Milan Polytechnique University.  Being an architecture she always preferred to have modest design. Ten years of her life she worked with design  Magazine  Casabella Continuita. This was during the period 1955 to 1965.

‘April’ and ‘Sanmaraco’ is the two well known piece from Gae.  The Stainless steel folding chair with removable cover is ‘April’, the design of it was creative, Gae was appreciated by many for this. Sanmaraco is a plate glass table.

After taking two doctarates, Gae served as the vice president of Association of Industrial Design. She undertook designing of many Museums and landmarks to new style and look.   Variety of styles Gae included in her works got wide recognition during her life time itself. She was considered one among prominent lady architect from Italy.

Gae Aulenti died on October 31, 2012. Gae was given many awards during her lifetime and also after her death many honors were given her. With Gae Aulenti Google Doodle, Gae was respected by Google on her 86th Birthday. Millions of Italian viewed the Doodle on the day.