Google brings G+ comments to blogger

Comments on the posts are the main thing that every bloggers wish to see from the readers. It helps to ensure that audience approaches also how the information that you have shared is become useful to them. Today Google brings G+ comments to blogger. The popular social networking comments integration surely turns your blogs to be more crowded.

G+ comments to bloggerSocial networking sites are became the most common place to do promotions. It is same as the case of blogging. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are the main sites choose by the bloggers to do promotion. From today onwards Google provide a new tool to make your blogs more engaging with readers. Now you can bring Google+ comments to your blog posts.

G+ comments to blogger

Sometimes you have seen with comments on your posts right from direct visitors. Also the Google+ page of your blog is also gets comments. It becomes quite difficult to read and respond to these commands as these are in two different places. The new Google tool for bloggers allows seeing these comments in one unique place – within your posts.

If any of your post is hit with discussion within Google+ page, now you can see all those comments right on your site. It will help the bloggers to save time and manage comments and readers on one place. Also your site seems to be more crowded by the users as there are more comments by both regular visitors and by G+ comments.View regular comments and G+ comments on one place

It is not only becomes useful for bloggers but also for readers. Now the readers can do commenting by publically or privately at their wish. It helps to see their comments only the permitted people within their circle. So the particular page surely becomes a zone of meaningful comments and sharing.

How can bring Google+ comments to your blog

As the new Google tool surely becomes useful for all blogger it is essential to understand how can enable this feature. The only thing you have to do is just go through your blogging dashboard. Then check on use Google+ comments. You can also see the older comments within your posts.