Future android phones will take photos using weather informations

Android is the most dominant mobile operating system in the world. Each versions of android is boasted with innovative features. Future android phones will take photos using weather informations,will be available from Key Lime Pie version onwards.

Google technology that allows to capture photos according to weather informationsAccording to recent patent application filed by Google at US patent and trademark office they plans to fix this feature as soon as possible. The next version of their mobile operating system android 5.0 Key Lime Pie going to be release in the month of May. It will get the first updation of Google’s futuristic camera technology.

In normal way we have to edit the photos after capturing to make it more stunning one. It includes white balance, sharpness, contrast, hue and saturation. Using Google’s new technology the camera will automatically adjust these options.

According to the patent abstract submitted by Google the android device you used to capturing image will get weather information from the remote server. First of all electromagnetic signals from the server received by device to determine the GPS location of device. It allows the remote server to send the weather information of that particular place to android device.

After receiving the weather information the device will determine ambient light value. It helps to determine different conditions like indoor, outdoor sunny and cloudy. The camera will automatically adjust settings according to these conditions. So that you will gets a stunning photo that integrate with the conditions.

The most focusing thing is that you don’t have to turn on your GPS option in this technology. The android OS will automatically detect your location. This feature only demands a faster network either 3G or 4G LTE. It is likely to be announced in the Google IO event which is scheduled for May 15th 2013.