Meet world’s first ever fully solar powered Laptop – SOL

The long battery standby time is the main feature that we wish to get from all electronic devices. The Korean electronics Company WeWi telecommunications introduced world’s first ever fully solar powered  Laptop SOL. SOL lap runs on free software Ubuntu.

first ever fully solar powered LaptopThe fully solar powered laptop SOL completely focused for the developing nations, education and military where there is lack in the availability of content electricity. In such a way the Company makes better computing experience in outer usage. The two hours of charging of SOL provide ten continuous hours of battery standby.

The fully solar powered laptop SOL can also provide computational experience to remote areas. SOL  is also designed to use in outdoors. The rugged design of SOL laptop provides better durability in any condition. So that you can works with your online tasks with SOL wherever you are. You don’t have to think about battery dryness as SOL keeps low power consumption while it working.

SOL – The world’s first ever fully solar powered laptop not only known for using free energy but also for the presence free software. The SOL laptop runs on Ubuntu operating system. It provides smoother computational experience for the users. So the SOL becomes world’s first ever free energy using, free software using laptop of the electronics energy free software laptop

SOL also ensures the performance through Intel processor. The Company not mentioned about which series is powered SOL laptops. The WeWi’s innovative laptop along with Intel processor surely provides better clock speed through SOL laptops.

WeWi also have keen focus in making the input devices of SOL laptops. The touchpad and keyboards of SOL smooth experience with high range accuracy. It is also integrated with high speed Wi-Fi and satellite communication. The high definition screen of SOL makes all contents to looking in crystal clear mode. WeWi will make available the fully solar powered SOL laptop in stores next year. The price tag and detailed informations will announce at that time.