Google celebrates Fuji World Heritage declaration with doodle

Mount Fuji was raised to the status of World Heritage site on  22nd  June 2013 at UNESCO meeting which took place in Cambodia. Google is celebrating the joy of this move by UNESCO and sharing the happiness with Japanese people with a special Google doodle on Japan homepage.

Fuji World Heritage Google doodleGoodle includes the picture of snow topped beautiful mountain which is surrounded by green trees all around. Logo characters are included in the Fuji World Heritage Google doodle with their respective colors and is placed between the green trees. This move from UNESCO is a great honor for Japan and it announces the natural beauty and geographical richness to the entire world.

This world heritage site Mount Fuji was been a part of many artist in their artwork. Mount Fuji consist of an active volcano and is a triangular shaped mountain. It is famous in Japan and in the world as the largest mountain of Japan with a height of 3776.2 m.

UNESCO list a particular site in the list of World Heritage site it have particular cultural and physical importance. Mount Fuji was listed now in this list because it has been the object of pilgrimage.

Though Mount Fuji has got global significance, it’s the local people who enjoy the beauty of the mountain in all season. In japan this mountain is particularly known by the name Mount Diamond when its backlit by sun in dawn. In the early morning when the rising sunlight falls on the mountain it looks like a red triangular block and it’s known as Red Fuji during that time.

Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji[Image Credit]
There is a lot of importance for this mountain in Japan and when Fuji world heritage was announced it became the day of joy for them. Fuji as got great historical importance and was considered as a place of worship as people believed that God lived over there. Every year more than 300,000 people climb the mountain.

Today Mount Fuji became an icon which enhances the value of Japan. Mount Fuji was been an important landmark which became an inspiration for many people in the past to work out their creativity. There are lots of pictures, prints, poems and stories relating to this particular mountain.

Google by publishing this Fuji World Heritage Google doodle announced the message to the entire country.