front camera support for Vine for android active through new updation

The popular social networking sharing tool Vine owns by Twitter gets introduced to android earlier in this month. We also found with an updation within this tool in last week. Now front camera support for Vine for android active through new updation.

front camera support for Vine for androidThe introduction of video supporting within Instagram became a threat to Vine as both tools are from same filed. At that time Twitter announced that the Vine application will get new features in coming weeks. After that announcement we found with two updations for this service. The main feature that comes up with this updation is nothing but the front camera support.

front camera support for Vine for android

From today the Vine users can makes their own videos more easily application can immediately share it with the friends. You can grab the updated Vine application for android right from Google Play. 

The new uploader manager within the Vine application helps the user to make immediate posting of unsubmitted posts. This will helps the users to make sure that they will share the whole posts that prepare to do. The improved camera lading time along with more device support will increase the service accessibility and popularity of this application.Twitter announcement of Vime updation

The users can see an overall improvement with the service through the new updation. The bug fixes and UI improvements help the users to enjoy the application without having any interruption. The video recording time within the Vine application is still 6 seconds. Twitter didn’t take any attempt to extend it to compete with Instagram’s 15 second video support.

Vine is the application that made the first attempt for video sharing tool for social networking sites. The 6 second video sharing became popularized in short time and the application turns top hit at Apple store. In the first week of June Vine gets introduced to android. It is thinks to be the new improvements in Vine application helps it to hit at world most popular mobile platform. Also we can expect that Twitter will brings even more features to compete with Instagram.