Google Doodle to Mark German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s 169th Birthday

Google Doodle on 15 October 2013 marked birthday of Controversial German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. It was Nietzsche’s 169th Birthday marked by the doodle.Friedrich Nietzsche was born on 15 October 1844, at Germany.

Friedrich Nietzsche's 169th Birthday  Google Doodle
Friedrich Nietzsche’s 169th Birthday Google Doodle(October 15, 2013)

You can see slight animation in Google Doodle replacing alphabet ‘o’ on logo, including Friedrich Nietzsche’s image in a different style, Google Doodle was featured.  Nietzsche works always questioned religion and other religious beliefs. Nietzsche was also a composer, poet and cultural critic. Google Doodle takes you to search page for Nietzsche, clicking on it on the day published in Google German homepage.

Friedrich Nietzsche was the man who declared ‘ God is Dead’, he also had many ideas of his own.  According to Friedrich Nietzsche’s belief , it was will to power and ambition drives human character and there is no God .He studied theology and philology from different universities. Friedrich Nietzsche have number of works done in his name. Almost all of his works relates to his question on religion, morality and human.

Good and Evil, The will to power, The birth of Tragedy are some of Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous works.

Friedrich Nietzsche was mentally collapsed during last years of his life. There were many ideas that was conveyed by him through his works.  After two strokes in 1899, he was paralyzed and died on August 25, 1900.