Freedom Day South Africa 2013 Google Doodle

Today Google celebrated the Freedom Day of South Africa with a special colorful doodle. It’s for the second time Google is publishing doodleon the home page of South Africa on their Freedom Day.

Freedom Day South Africa 2013 Google DoodleFreedom Day South Africa 2013 Google Doodle we can see the traditional art work of South Africa, the bead art. Bead works are very beautiful and commonly attractive as it can include many colors. African people create beautiful bead works including pictures, letters and many other things in it, These works can be created as such they tells stories with the style in which it’s designed.

In the doodle in the Google home page at South Africa on the 19th Freedom Day we can see a beautiful bead work which tells the story of African Freedom and liberty. In the Google home page of Google at Africa we can see the doodle with the images of people holding African flag in joy and love in the traditional bead art.

Freedom Day is celebrated in South Africa since 1994. The main aim of the celebration is to commemorate the post apartied election held at Africa in that year and to honor those who worked for democracy and freedom.

It was independent electoral commission took in charge of the election which made the end to apartied in Africa. People all over the country took part in the election which took place in three days and the result was the end of apartied and formation of new country with freedom and equality.

South Africa, the country with great tradition and culture has got great importance in the world. It is the country which stands in the 25th place in the world regarding the area and 24th regarding population.

This country with temperate climate is good for living and it consist of many geographically beautiful places. There are a large variety of plants, animals and birds in the country. The forests of the country is dense with trees and plants with high medicinal value.

Google doodle on the 19th anniversary day of freedom in South Africa is very beautifully designed by including the culture, tradition and artwork of South Africa in the design.