Free phone calls over WhatsApp confirmed by CEO Jan Koum

With simple text based message system WhatsApp dominated in the mobile world with 450 million user record. Now WhatsApp all set to introduce free voice call among the users.

Free phone calls over WhatsApp

The free phone calls over WhatsApp messaging application confirmed by CEO Jan Koum at Mobile World Congress 2014, reported by Wall Street journal.  The voice call service within WhatsApp will available for users by month of April. It becomes first ever major updation for the service the acquisition of Facebook by $19 billion.

In the keynote address at MWC 2014 Jan Koum indicated that they focused for 2 billion user record by the introduction of voice call system within WhatsApp messenger. By introducing voice call system in WhatsApp the authorities making a way to compete with Microsoft’s Skype service.

The voice call system through WhatsApp only demands least amount of bandwidth from users. They will also keep same simplicity that seen with messaging system for voice call service. Like messaging service WhatsApp will use the phone numbers of users to making voice call through the service. You can also hope for group calling through WhatsApp by end of April.

Credit of image : Flickr