Microsoft rolled out free office application for iPhone

Microsoft Office is one of the innovative services from the software giant. Independent of platform everyone wishes for this office suit. There are lots of rumors had rendered out on these days about the introduction of M.S office to iOS. Finally Microsoft rolled out free office application for iPhone.

free office application for iPhoneMicrosoft Office is the perfect office suit today available. All of us readily choose for it to create, format and editing of documents. Today Microsoft releases the free version of its office suit for iOS operating system. But the main thins which have to be remember before you choosing it is only office 365 subscribers can use it. It demands $99.99 for one year subscription from Microsoft.

free office application for iPhone

Now it is available only for iPhone and iPod touch. It is thinks to be the iPad application from Microsoft will release soon. In Microsoft’s word it is an an official office companion that is optimized for your iPhone. The office 365 for iPhone now only available from US app store.

This application provides word, PowerPoint, excel, editing and creation of documents through your iPhone. The documents can be securely stored within SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro or SharePoint. So the file accessing can be done from anywhere. Also there is device synchronization, it helps to access the files that is editing or creating on other devices. Such devices can be off any desktop PCs or suite for iOS

As Microsoft provided office application for iOS the users can easily read the word documents that attached with the mails. The office documents pin for mail is also be possible through mails. So the iOS users won’t need a third party application from today onwards.

The office for iOS builds for small screens. It provides a stunning look in iPhone screen. The office 365 application for iOS support within iPhone 4 and above, also in 5th generation iPod touch. We can also hope for office application for iPad in short time from Microsoft.