Franz Kafka’s 130th Birthday Google Doodle including ‘The metamorphosis’

Franz Kafka’s 130th Birthday was celebrated with a doodle in the Google homepage.  Kafka was a prominent writer of 20th century. Google doodle includes the reflection of one of his most prominent work “The metamorphosis”.

Franz Kafka’s 130th Birthday Google Doodle
Franz Kafka’s 130th Birthday Google Doodle (July 3, 2013)

It’s in the year 1915 this novella was published which made Franz Kafka known across the world. His work ‘The metamorphosis’ deals with the story of a salesman names Gregor Samsa. Story is all about him transforming in to monstrous vermin in his sales journey. In the doodle also we can see this image.

Though Franz Kafka’s 130th Birthday Google Doodle is not animated, it clearly reflects the message of the day with skillful work of the designer. Inclusion of vermin in the place of Google logo alphabet ‘o’ as if it is opening the door resembles the main character Gregor Samsa of the story ‘ the metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka. The entire structure of logo is changed to magnify Kafka’s work in it.

Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka was born in a middle class German family on July 3, 1883. It was during 1908 he started knowing as a writer.As Kafka was a German born citizen, his most works includes the use of German language.

Kafka was praised by many great personalities for his unique style of working. The uniqueness in his works is clearly reflected in most famous novella which is pictured in the Kafka Google doodle. Many stories, novella, short stories and novels got birth from him. Most of his works were translated in to many other languages.

In Prague there is a museum named Franz Kafka museum, this museum was built after his death in his honor. An award was introduced in the year 2001 as Franz Kafka award. Many places were named Kafka  after his death. He died in the year 1924 due to tuberculosis.

Google by publishing this doodle on his 130th Birthday honored him and made world remember his works.

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