Google’s International Day of Francophile Doodle

Francophile or also known as Gallophile is a term that is used to refer all the individuals who has strong desire towards France. That is those people who likes or have a positive approach towards the government, culture, history and people of France. So we can term theFrancophile as anyone who has positive approach towards the French.

International Day of Francophile Doodle
International Day of Francophile Doodle (March 19, 2004)

The International Day of Francophile is celebrated on March 19. In the year of 2004 Google released a Francophile Google Doodle  on that day. The alphabets in Google’s International Day of Francophile Doodle is written using France’s flag. Also there is a note under the Francophile Doodle. It is in french and says that Parlez-vous français? And it means that “Did you speak French?” Here the importance of French language is highlighted.

There is some group of people known as Francophobe or Gallophobe, which is the opposite of the term Francophile. These people are the ones who dislike all that associated with France like French history, language, Cuisine etc…

The arise of these Francophilia is from the French Colonies, where some elites are used to speak French and adopted the French habits. Not only in French Colonies but also in other countries in Europe like Romania and Bulgaria also had adopted this French culture. Here the French culture is populated among the educated classes.

The historical background of the le Francophilia is something like this. It is evolved from the supporters of the philosophy of Enlightenment during the days of French Revolution.

In Europe Francophile is supported by many countries like Romania, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Cyprus, Armenia and Serbia. In Middle East also there are countries supporting Francophilia such as Iran and Ottoman Empire. Later the countries like United States, Canada and Mexico began to support Francophilia.