Fourth generation Apple iTV to be release in the middle of 2013

Until today Apple unveils three generations of iTVs. Now the tech giant gets ready to set for a bigger and cheaper one. Fourth generation Apple iTV to be release in the middle of 2013.

Fourth generation Apple iTV to be release in the middle of 2013Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted about the release of new iTV in previous year. “With Apple TV, However despite the barriers in market for those of us who used it, we have always thought there was something there. And that if we kept following our intuition and kept pulling the string, then we might find something was larger” Tim Cook said.

Apple TV is the entertainment power house from the company, can play off the contents from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu plus, You Tube, Flickr, iCloud and your favorite sports. Apple provides all entertainment stuffs in Full-HD mode. Through online streaming and plugin you can discover the new world of entertainment. The reason for Apple gone for major change in iTV development is that the three generations of this iDevice launched till date was very small in size. They want to provide a full television experience through the new release of iTV.

The upcoming Apple iTV has almost same design that of new line iMac. Apple didn’t disclose the screen size at this time. Surely it will be large one. The designing section of new generation iTV is carried out by Jeff Robin. He is the designer behind fifth generation iPod touch. The upcoming iTV also have a thin design as that of iMac. Some rumors have heard that iTV will available in three sizes including 32 inch 55 inch models.

The futuristic television will be powered by A6 processor. It will play off everything in 1080p. It will runs on world’s most innovative operating system – iOS6. It will also have personal intelligent assistant Siri and Face Time HD. Apple iTV can be controllable via normal remote control. It can also be control through iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. But in upcoming iTV the real controller is Siri. That is users can control their television through their natural languages, will become the simplest user friendly experience in a Smart TV.

Airplay is a technology that letting you to play the iDevices contents with iTV. You can stream out all HD movies, music and photos from your iPhone, iPads and iPod touch. The iCloud support you to wirelessly stream out the entertainment stuffs. It helps to play off the contents other than stored one. The iTunes subscription also helps you to get entire music collection to your iTV.


  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g.
  • iTunes store account.
  • Hulu plus subscription.
  • subscription to get live sports actions.
  • MLB.TV subscription.