Follow your email path

E mail is one of the most efficient and top service provided by internet. It makes our data sharing and communication even easier. Do you ever think of how your mail reached at receiver hand? Now let’s follow the path of your email.Follow your email path

We are blessed with large number of mailing services such as Gmail Yahoo mail Hotmail Etc. You compose your mail with any of your content; it can be your message or an attached file with your favorite images songs videos anything you want to share with your companion and tap on send button. It is the normal thing we doing while mailing. Then what happens to your send mail?

After you send your mail at first it leaves from your ISP it can be any of wired wireless or optical fiber connections. Internet backbone router is the very next section that your mail reached. It is a huge interconnected network between the main routers. The data centers of your mailing service provider detect your mail from your ISP.

The data centers promises best security measures on your mail as the datas are so personal. Several security elements are included in every data centers to make your mail clean and protected. Once your mail reached at data centre it will directed to respective server through networking centers of service provider.

The mail at respective server subjected to different service processes. These processes directly depends the service that provides the mailing service. Basically the mails get copied for make your mail back up and go through security scanning for make sure it is out of viruses and not vulnerable to any affects. The best mailing services like Gmail provides spam filters to remove spam messages from your inbox.

When all these processes are done the server forward your mail to the destination end through the network. The receiver gets the right mail which you had send at right time. All these processes are done in an instant of time. So mailing is one of the most innovative services that make you keep in touch and save your time in a secure and speedy way.