Follow Santa on Google Santa tracker

Google Santa TrackerDuring the Christmas Eve you wondered in where the Santa is? Now the searching giant Google made a solution for it. Now you can follow Santa on Google Santa tracker.

you really wish for to know about exact location of Santa. The internet giant Google track Santa’s route from 5pm EST. The Google Santa tracker allowing users to spot the exact location of Santa in each time.

The Google Santa tracker show off the current track of Santa in a comic way,gives live updation on previous location, current location and next location of Santa. It allows you to know about when Santa reached at a particular point. The schedule time is clearly shown in the Google Santa tracker.

The system also highlights total distance covered by Santa by his reindeer sleigh. The longer journey reminds us the love of Santa towards the good childrens. When Santa reached at a destination the tracker shows the gift delivering through the chimneys of house. At that time the updation board shows off total prize delivery. During Santa’s journey the Google tracker informed us with in which direction does the Santa moves.Santa Tracker on Google Earth

The Santa lovers around the world can keep up with him through different ways that is provided by Google. The Santa tracker extension in Google chrome allows you to track Santa through your browser. If you have an android powered Smart phone or tablet then android application for tracking Santa helps you to keep up with him. Other than these methods you can also track Santa in 3D with Google earth.

By focusing the social networking trend Google also provide Santa updation through popular social networking sites. By following Google maps on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter you will get second by second updation on Santa’s journey.

In Google earth you will get 3D follow up of Santa. It highlights the destination place at the top. During the journey the tracker show off the geographical coordinates of earth. Also how many feets above is the Santa flying. The time and distance information shown at the top. The accurate direction will keep updating at top right. The Google earth gives out an experience of real time travel with Santa.

While we using Google Santa tracker in chrome browser the background of Santa’s sleigh show the Google Maps of current location. It also shows off the selected places by Santa for prize delivery. The back ground maps give a clear idea about the journey. Santa also gives tweets in the meantime of next departure. The messages are also shown in the Santa tracker. So the viewers are blessed by keep up with Santa and gets holy messages from him.