Flickr for iOS gets hashtag updation for faster searching

Flickr is internet’s most popular photo sharing website, The hashtag feature within the site helps to get photos under a category easily. Today Flickr for iOS gets hashtag updation, can get application from app store.

Flickr for iOS gets hashtag updationWe will get almost all types of photos from any category in Flickr social networking service. The site is enriches with more than six billion photos. The photos are get uploaded to Flickr in every seconds. The main problem within this site is the uploaded photos are out of the suitable category. So that when we search for a particular photo the results may ended with many number which never belong to the desired category.

Flickr for iOS gets hashtag updation

The hash tagging technology is very popular in Twitter which is used to find out tweets belongs to one particular subject. Recently we heard that hash tagging is coming to Facebook shortly. But it is not confirmed yet. Now Flickr provide the service through iOS application.

The addition of hash tag technology helps the users to get the right photos on one tap. By adding the hash to photo title or description the site filtered out the right content at very next instant. It helps you to save time and gets the right thing easily.

We have to follow some rules while we use hash tag within the application. The keyword must be within the 140 character limit. If it exceeds we don’t gets the right results. So it will surely become an effective tool within Flickr to gets the contents at very next instant.