Flexible Tab That Bend and Fold Like a Paper

The flexible screen from Samsung is became one of the major attraction of CE 2013. Now a flexible tab that bend and fold like a paper introduced in CES 2013.

Flexible Tab

This paper tablet is developed by researchers from Queen’s University in Canada with the combination of Intel and British firm Plastic Logic to create the Flexible Tab or PaperTab. This flexible, thin and paper like tablet is considered as a revolutionary advancement in future computing. The user interactivity itself is the main feature of this awesome product. It make the impression on first day in the International week-long conference by its 10.7 inch display and paper like feel which can be bend and dropped on a desk just like a paper (lightweight product).

This next generation paper tablet  is powered by second-generation Intel Core i5. The Tab has capability to run single app per display and can run multiple apps by sharing information between tabs by tapping each tab next to each other. Users can read documents and send Email through the tab by mounting the device in an out tray or by bending the top corner of the display.

Users can join multiple screens for large display. The PaperTab can keep track of other tabs nearby it. The paper magazines will disappear in future by giving the way to this thinner and lighter PaperTab which claims the user experience compare to the magazine reading. The developers didn’t mention about its cost and when it release on commercial market.

According to Roel Vertegaal, director of Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab “Within five to 10 years most computers, from ultra-notebooks to tablets, will look and feel just like these sheets of printed color paper.” From initial response it seems to be positive as users can get rid of traditional paper printouts with the use of this flexible fold and bending device. It can be a minor step towards preserving hundreds of trees by using this PaperTabs.