Flappy Bird Creator To Release His Second Game ‘Swing Copters’ on Thursday

No one ever forget the brutally difficult tapping game flappy bird which derived $55000 in ad revenue per day for the creator Dong Nguyen. But earlier this year he removed incredibility successful game from application stores because of games’s addictiveness. Now new trailer from flappy bird creator reveals that his new game ‘Swing Copter’ is going to release on 21st August 2014, reported by toucharcade.

The new game from Dong Nguyen shows many resemblance with his first game flappy bird. But for this time the little guy in the game got a propeller no his head and you have to navigate him in upward director while avoiding the swinging hammers.

The swing copters game will available from 31st August at free of charge. You will also get a chance to remove the ads on game which demands one time charge of $0.99.

Like flappy bird you have to tap on screen to start game on swing copters. From next second the little guy will start flying wildly in both direction. You can change the direction of flying by tapping on the screen. Just like flappy bird fly you have to go through as many gates to score maximum score.