Samsung released first video teaser of Galaxy SIV Smartphone

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy SIV event for 14th March. Now they released first video teaser of Galaxy SIV Smartphone

first video teaser of Galaxy SIVToday Samsung officially released the first video teaser for the most awaited smartphone of Galaxy S series. The video is of just 2 minutes. Though it is a very short video it included the factors to make people look forward for the March 14 Samsung event on which the Galaxy SIV gets unveiled.

First video teaser of Galaxy SIV

The video teaser of Galaxy SIV features a guide and kid, also the box of Galaxy SIV. “This is going to be the most amazing products since TV went to color” this is the initial statement made by the Guide about upcoming Galaxy SIV, you can also hope so. He also added that Galaxy SIV event will be very exciting.

Next, the guide and kid called Jeremy Maxwell arrives at a conference hall. You can also notice the banner of ‘be ready for next Galaxy’ within conference hall. Then one man coming into the hall and welcome Maxwell, the kid who appointed for unpacking Galaxy  SIV box on 14th March.

The man said to Maxwell that the unboxing of Galaxy SIV will turn to be the most important job of his life. Then the Galaxy SIV box arrives in the hall and the kid excitedly run for it. The man advice him to not open the box at this time and he secretively open Galaxy SIV box for him, Maxwell get excited by seeing Galaxy SIV. You can hope that you willl also get excited the the release of fourth generation Galaxy Smartphone.