LG shows off first ever Wireless Ultra HD Transmission at MWC

LG came up with its new technology at MWC. World’s first ever Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission was demonstrated by LG on the first day of Mobile World Congress of 2013. It was claimed to the world’s first wireless HD streaming technology from phone to TV.

first ever Wireless Ultra HD Transmission

first ever Wireless Ultra HD Transmission

By introducing this technology LG provides you to enjoy your favorite contends like videos, games…in your 4K HD TV’s without the use of cables.  So with this innovative technology which suites the changing world of technology you can enjoy everything on your mobile on the big television screen with high clarity.

The main advantage that the developers claim that this technology emphasis is that it will take only half power comparing all the other forms of existing technologies. Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission technology uses the Wi Fi technology to get connected and to provide the service. With this technology LG makes multimedia contents in the smartphones on to the big screen in a more smoother and faster.

Mobile World Congress had been the time in which LG came up with many new announcements and products. In the year 2013 was also there was no change for the custom. LG introduced some new products apart from demonstrating the wireless HD transmission which includes a new Phablet.

As the power consumption is said to be low the battery life of the smartphones can be used efficiently though the contents can be streamed on to the screens. The technology will be mainly helpful when it comes the case of games. LG fore sees a world after 4 or 5 years where everything will be possible if you have a smartphone of tablet in your hand.

On the event which took place at Barcelona the President and CEO of LG’s Mobile division said that the new Ultra HD technology will be really helpful for the 4K TV owners. The technology also offers an automatically adjusted transmission system in it which can provide a flawless visuals by matching the resolution of sending and receiving devices.

If LG comes out successfully in giving the technology to the world we can forget about the complicated devices, cables and chords that are used to connect the devices. This will cause a historical change in the current situation which took place when mobile phones and smartphones were introduced.

Mobile World Congress programm have only just started there will be more exiting, creative and innovative products further in the upcoming days. Today itself many big brands including Asus, LG , Samsung have come up with many products and news. So get tuned to get the reviews and more updates from the show.