ZTE launches first ever Firefox OS Smartphone at MWC 2013

Both manufactures and users looking up for new innovations every time. Mobile World Congress is one such stage you can find new innovations. Chinese manufacture ZTE introduced first ever Firefox OS Smartphone at MWC 2013.

first ever Firefox OS Smartphonefirst ever Firefox OS Smartphone

The new Firefox Smartphone from ZTE has only a credit card size- 3.5 inch. The phone has a  HVGA display. It is powered by 1GHz dual-core processor. It also has support of 512MB RAM. The phone also gives off affordable display quality.

The primary feature of the phone is the operating system itself. At the time of launching at MWC 2013 Mozilla announced that the Firefox OS was made for every one and it is open. The Firefox operating system is officially known as Boot to Gecko. The developers claimed that it will lead the Smartphone world shortly. The reason for why they strongly believe in their OS is it is stand above than of Android kernels.

The new level operating system is a web based one. It is because of most of all Smartphones are widely used for accessing web based services. As it is becomes a rich source of HTML5 applications users can experience a new level Smartphone experience with ZTE. They also open the platform for third party application developers so that the application storage will crowd with all possible types of applications.

The Firefox for mobile also provide multiple device supports.  As it is a completely web based platform it is free from restrictions and security problems that we see with other platforms. The Firefox handset from ZTE has 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone will also support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The detailed informations and price tag will announce later.