SK Hynik introduced first ever 128GB DDR4 RAM Module

South Korean chip maker SK Hynik introduced world’s first ever 128GB DDR4 RAM module. The mass production f this module will start at beginning of 2015, more memory to bring more efficiency at less voltage.

The new 128GB RAM from SK Hynik developed through silicon via technology. It bring more speed and efficiency than of it’s predecessor DDR3. Today only 64GB RAM available in the market. South Korean chip maker used 20nm based 8GB chip to develop new higher efficiency RAM module.

  • 2133Mbps data transfer rate.
  • Can handle 17GB of data per second.
  • Working at voltage of 1.2volts where DDR3 at 1.35 volts.
  • Right choice for new servers in next year.

SK’s new DDR4 RAM will handle 17 GB GB of data per second,¬†bring 2133Mbps data transfer rate where 1333Mbps for DDR3 RAM. New RAM module also designed to maintain power efficiency, will run at 1.20 volts where DDR3 demands 1.35 volts.

SK reported that they will make mass production of 128GB DDR4 RAM module along with 64GB version at beginning of 2015. The usage of this new RAM module will seen at firs on new servers. The entry of DDR4 in consumer computers can hope by 2016.