First Day of winter Doodle 2009 with Google logo frozen in snow

June 21st was the day in the year 2009 which became the border to shuttle the seasons. On the day Google published the First Day of winter doodle 2009 , in countries that lays on southern hemisphere and First Day of summer doodle 2009 in the countries that lay on Northern Hemisphere.

First Day of winter Doodle 2009
First Day of winter (June 21, 2009)

Both the welcoming season doodles that appeared on the Google homepage was really beautiful and conveyed the message of arrival of seasons in a simple look. First Day of winter doodle included  logo as if it’s covered with white snow, symbolically says that winter is arriving so prepare yourself to welcome the coldest season.

It was in the home page of Bolivia, Uruguay, New Zealand and Australia this beautiful Google doodle appeared on the day. Apart from the snow covered regions we can also see tree with all leaves down. Winter is the season when trees shed all leafs and prepare themselves for a new beginning.

It is an eye catching sight to see all the mountains covered with white snow. Winter season arrives in most of the southern countries in the month of June. It is the season in which the day is too small. People during this season wear scarfs, woolen dresses to make themselves stable without effecting the extremely cold climate.

Winter season is mentioned by many poets and writers in the works as the season of happiness, love and affection. People will try to be together in the season as there is an extreme cold climate outside.

The cold breeze and cool atmosphere of this season make it the best season of the year everywhere. This gentle climate gives peace and happiness to the mind. Google clearly included this thought clearly with this white frozen First Day of winter Doodle 2009.