First Day of winter 2013 Google Doodle

Google doodle on June 21st was really beautiful and was decorated with lot of colors. Doodle is published to mark the beginning of winter season, First Day of winter. This artwork by Christopher Nieman, the famous graphic designer and children books author seems to be really creative and beautiful.

First Day of winter 2013 Google Doodle  Beginning of winter is marked by Sun in the north most point in the sky.  Mostly it falls on June 20 or June 21st. Today in the animated doodle that we can see on Google homepage an image of knitting scarf by two hands of man is pictured. This idea of Christopher Nieman for the graphic doodle is apt for the message of winter solstice.

After the first interactive design in Cape Town on Design Indaba Conference with the iOS application called petting Zoo he became very famous. Now with this beautiful doodle he again proved his talent and skills in art work.

On this coldest season we can see beautiful seen of snow fallen mountains and wind blowing by touching every flower and leaf on earth. It’s the best season in the year to enjoy the natural beauty of earth else we can say it’s the time when nature decorate earth with its hands.

We can see people wearing knitted scarfs and moving on in this season in cold countries. Google doodles tells that it’s time to knit your sweaters and welcome winter. This colorful First Day of winter 2013 Google Doodle on Google homepage attracts everyone whoever go through it.