First Day of Summer 2009 doodle including beach bag and summer kit

Seasons are the beautiful natural gift that makes us go through different experience and feelings. All the seasons have got special impact and effect on human life. On the First Day of Summer 20o9 doodle was published in the year on June 21st.

First Day of Summer 2009 doodle
First Day of Summer 2009(June 21, 2009)

First Day of Summer 2009 doodle included beach, snorkel, beach bag in it .Google Doodle announce  that summer season is reaching near, now the time arrived to move to beach shores in evenings to make yourself cool and escape from hot weather.

Seasons varies from country to country according to the geography and position. It was in the countries that are on the Northern hemisphere First Day of Summer arrived on June 21st. So this beautiful First Day of Summer 2009 doodle appeared mainly on all the countries over Northern Hemisphere.

Summer Noon
Summer Noon[Image Credit :nxltr]
Summer season is the hottest of all seasons. Though it is regarded so, it’s the season which is said for growth and maturity. Places that gets enough summer rainfalls will yield great profit from the crops they cultivate and this makes the season loved by farmers of places where there is summer rainfall.

Keeping all this in mind people will start preparation for the season from the First Day of Summer itself. Shopping malls will be filled with summer clothes which help us to reduce the temperature. The main advantage of summer season is, day time will be longer than all other season.

In most of the places this season is the school holiday season for children. Children will enjoy days with friends playing and enjoying in these days despite of the hot sum and climate. Google also wished a happy summer season with this special doodle on the First Day of Summer.