Celebrate First Day of Spring 2014 with Animated Google Doodle on 21 September

Google came up with their doodle to mark First Day of Spring 2014. Doodle with Animation that you can see on homepage on 21st September is same as that doodle landed on March 20th in countries welcomed spring on the day.

First Day of Spring 2014 Animated Google Doodle
First Day of Spring 2014 Animated Google Doodle(September 21, 2014)

Google Doodle to mark First Day of Spring 2014 is illustrated by guest doodler Eleanor Davis. You can see an animated character watering and new blossoms coming up in beautiful colors. Hovering mouse pointer, it writes Primer Día de Primavera or First Day of Spring , clicking on it provides search page for the same.

It’s on countries in Southern Hemisphere,animated spring equinox doodle can be seen.Though actually Spring begins on 23rd September, Argentina and some other countries celebrate two days before on September 21st Spring Day. The coincide with Students Day in Argentina.

Season of flowers, fruits and harvest is depicted in Google Doodle in perfect way to convey the message of day. Date to mark the beginning of Spring season vary country to country. Countries in Northern Hemisphere had the first day of Spring Season on 20th March. In Southern Hemisphere 23rd September marks First Day of Spring.

A new start, hope, happiness every thing is related with beginning of Spring. Colors and fruitfulness of the season reflects in the Google homepage today. Doodle will be present in homepage of countries that are in Southern Hemisphere of earth including Argentina, Chile and Peru.

Celebrating First Day of Spring season began long before itself. It’s believed to be evolved from European culture. Many mythological stories and legends are famous all over based on celebration. In many places there are many customs, prayers and traditions followed to welcome the season.

Google always marks special days with special doodles. This doodle, First Day of Spring 2014 announces the specialty of day to millions of Google users all over countries. Doodle will be present for 24 hours in the homepage where it visible.