First Day of School 2014 Marked with Google Doodle

After the summer vacation school students are getting ready to go back to their schools. To mark the reopening day of schools and start of new school year, Google came up with the First Day of school doodle in many countries.

First Day of School 2014 Google Doodle
First Day of School 2014 Google Doodle(September 1, 2014)

Google Doodle for first day of school 2014 includes book, pen stand, alarm clock, crayons to make it apt for announcing message of day. Google have came up with first day of school doodle in previous years also, on school opening day.

Due to change in weather, climate and traditions, date and day for beginning the school year may vary from country to country.  In most of the countries in Northern Hemisphere School begins after summer vacation in early September or in late August. There are many countries which marks September 1st as the First Day of School every year. Russia, Israel, Hong Kong, Poland, Slovenia and Serbia are some among them.

Knowledge Day, Reopening Day are some other names known for the day. The date may get changed from September 1st, if the day is a Saturday or Sunday. This year Google home page logo in almost all countries which have first day of School as September 1 is changed to this doodle to wish a new beginning in school life.

Most of the schools arrange special programs for welcoming back students after the long leave. Importance of education in life of a human is announced with this doodle by Google to entire world and they wished all kids who are back to school. Clicking on the doodle, You will get search page for ‘School’. These kind of doodles initiated by Google to mark special occasions makes world think about importance of day and what is going on around us.

Enjoy the First Day of School and work for a bright year with success ahead.