First Day of School 2007 Google Doodle

First Day of School is very special for all educated person. It’s the day in which you starts to know what the world actually is. According to the variations in the weather, climatic conditions and other specialties the day differ in different countries.

First Day of School 2007 Google Doodle
First Day of School 2007 (September 1, 2007)

It’s on September 1st 2007 Israel students started their learning. Google published special doodle in the homepage landed on the country to spread the importance of the day and the relevance of education in the life of a man.

Google doodle included the picture of note book, protractor and pencils in it which is the common things that you can see the bags school students. Google logo colors are included in First Day of School 2007 Google Doodle as it is and the main change was included in the alphabet ‘g’. This alphabet is replace with notebook in the upper half and protractor in the lower half.

Education is the biggest gift that anyone can have in the life. Without proper education human will incomplete. Education gives confidence, strength and power to handle the life. All over the world we can see that there is great importance for education and educational institution. Illiteracy leads to many problems.

It’s the basic human right to get educated. In most of the countries the official authorities and government is taking initiatives to make the educational system more efficient and better. Today we can see that in almost all places children get the chance for free education.

A good human being must have many qualities. A good human being who can lead the society to a higher level can be only formed if and only if the basic values of life is well build up. It’s the duty of educational institutions make their students aware of social and ethical values. If it’s well transformed in to children by teachers we can get good individual who can be light of the world.

First Day of School of every child is made colorful by many programs all over the world. In almost all places the school authorities will organize many programs to make children comfortable with the school atmosphere.

Most the parents are now aware of the need for education. But in some places today also we can see illiteracy and child labor. It’s very shameful to see this situation exist on a world which is called technical developed. Development will be only complete if all have the equal rights and social values.

Google, the search giant also knows the value of education. Google have organized and is organizing many programs for the welfare of students. Google is a company which knows the value of education. They value knowledge of people rather than number of degrees they owns. Google doodle on the home page of Israel on the First Day of School clearly shows how much Google value education and knowledge.

Though the First Day of School varies in different countries it ultimately points to the big thing ‘Education’. Without schools and education the world never becomes what we see today. Value of Education should be respected and must be developed. It’s our duty to work for educating the world.