Optimus L7 II dual will be first android 4.3 Smartphone from LG

One of the most expected announcement we wished from Google I/O 2013 is nothing but the android 4.3 Jelly Bean. But unfortunately Google extend that announcement to coming months.  Optimus L7 II dual turns to be the first android 4.3 Smartphone from LG.

first android 4.3 Smartphone from LGLG Optimus L7 II released in Mobile World Congress 2013. The phone got up with android 4.1 Jelly Bean at that time. Now the Company listed it as android 4.3 Jelly Bean phone. The interesting fact is this version of android is not at all  official till now.  Also whenever it becomes official the first ever updation comes on Google Nexus 4 Smartphone.

Google Nexus device uses a pure version of android so that the first ever updation comes in those devices. The reason behind this android 4.3 updation posting by LG is unknown. It’s expected  that LG will give a detailed explanation later.

The detailed specifications within android 4.3 jelly Bean is not yet revealed by Google. The known specifications of android 4.3 version is

  • Bluetooth low energy.
  • OpenGL.

Bluetooth low energy feature within android 4.3 version help to improve the battery life within the device running on it. The long battery stand by is one of the specifications that are focused by every customers. The OpenGL features help the users to get advanced graphic effects within games. It is also makes the phone enriche with graphic intensive applications.